Foto: Ana Pogačnik

Meditation for support of the process in Japan (every day at 3PM ECT / 9 PM ZET

We collect light of the heart, we radiate it and imagine, that out of the light hands arise that we hold out to others, until we are all connected in a net of light. Then we let a symbol/object come to being in our heart that we personally connect with Japan, as a help to connect deeply with the land.

We perceive field of the power, that arise between all of us without own projections and wishes we allow that a colourful blossom spring up out this collected power. In this blossom we take the whole island of Japan and help the flower to develop into a plant, with strong roots and stamens, and support in this way the Land and people to be able to connect deeply with the Earth and the Cosmos again.

To be able to deepen this image even stronger, we hold consciously the connection with the Earth and the Cosmos and become in that way - each but also as a group - a pillar of light. We stay with this image for a while. We take the feeling of it into our life and try to hold the experience in our daily life.

Thank you.

In a deep connection, Ana

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