Foto: Ana Pogačnik

Dear Friends,

here comes an invitation to actively and consciously co-create the New World.

We live in a very exciting, though also exhausting time. The structures, the spaces, the qualities, the values, the foundations that have all carried us so far, are becoming increasingly shaky, insecure, and above all empty. The governing system (which has political, social, financial etc. control over everything) is getting more and more power and can use these empty spaces for its own benefit.

That does not sound very optimistic, almost black ... but fortunately, more and more people are awakening and starting their own initiatives to create a strong counterpoint to this reality. It is becoming more and more important to discover new/alternative spaces, to activate them, to bring them into consciousness, to enter and revive them.

And that's exactly what I want to do together with you.

For about four years, I have been leading a meditation circle with ca. 150 people, which has so far supported the current processes in the Earth-changes with guided meditations. The direction remains the same, but gets a new form that is more active and more anchored in life.

Together with my husband Thomas I prepared in the last 5 years packages/programs for the Holy Nights with meditations and essential oils etc. - last year we were about 400 people in different countries and continents. Each year I experience even more in this huge group how healing it is, when a group of people together builds, nourishes, sustains a common space and radiates out of it healing impulses into the World.

I’d like to create a framework (in this case, I am very grateful for the internet!), in which we could collaborate in the enfolding of the NEW WORLD.

How this will work out in practice will become clear over time. I imagine it this way: we form a common space as a group, together with the spiritual world. We would then "use" this space to hold (for us personally, for the group and for the world) different powers, images, qualities and processes, e.g. healthy networking, tranquility, love of the heart, peace or healthy growth. For each topic I would give certain images, a process or a meditation for the creating of the spaces. There would be 2 fixed dates to build the space together. After that, we would keep this room active for a while (2 weeks or a month…). Everyone would be free how he/she would hold this space. And that is really something that one can keep constantly (also in daily life), keep thinking of it - sometimes more intensively, sometimes less intense ...
Since I hope that we will be many in the group, it is very likely that one of us would always be active, so together we would keep the power of this space alive.

To take on the feeling of belonging and also a healthy responsibility, I ask people who want to be serious part of this process to sign up (it's free of charge !!). I will send the instructions only to people who will register.

I would be very happy if we would walk a common path to bring together healing impulses into the world.


P.S. You are welcome to pass this invitation on to people who are interested.

Sempas, 10th February 2018