Ana Pogačnik

I was born in 1973 in Slovenia. At first I dedicated my life to music and studied piano at the Conservatorium in Ljubljana. My life path then brought me to archaeology. During my studies at Ljubljana University I decided to specialize in prehistory. I wrote my graduation thesis from this field as well, which was eventually published as a book entitled “Tolmin – The Prehistoric Cemetery” (2001).

Since 1990, I have been receiving different messages from the “angelic-ocean”. One part of them was published in English („How wide the Heart“, 2006), Slovene (“Nad svetlobo sonca I and II, 1992, 1994; “Ples barv” and “Tako široko srce, 2006, „Zemlja nas ljubi“ 2017), German (“Das Licht des Herzens”, 1997 and “Das Herz so weit”, 2004, „Die Erde liebt uns“ 2012, Die Wahrheit aus der Zukunft“ 2017), and Dutch („Inspiratie uit de wereld van de engelen”, 1997).

For seven years I worked very closely with my father Marko Pogacnik by receiving messages for many of his projects in earth healing and lithopuncture. In 1999, I embarked on my first independent “tour” with lectures and workshops through Europe. I was following this impulse for the next four years, until I developed my own educational program in 2002 (“Die vertiefte Erkennung der Landschaft” – “The deeper cognition of landscape”) I carried out various educational activities and seminars within the framework of the Schule »Wieder Sehen« (School »To See Again«), founded for this purpose in Germany. End of 2010 I moved back to Slovenia and I founded »Modra Zemlja« (In Slovene it has two meanings: »Wise Earth« or »Blue Earth«).

After I was living close to Zurich (Switzerland) and later on in Munich (Germany), I live with my husband and our two daughters again in Slovenia.