Picture: Ana Pogačnik

How Do I Work?

If I would like to See, to understand and finally heal the landscape, I should also be ready to touch, to discover and to heal myself.
The fact is that we are not only part of the Earth, part of the landscape, but are, with our presence, the landscape and with our body the Earth itself.
Every day, every moment, we are thus mirrored in landscape and are, at the very same time, the actual mirrors of places, in which we move. We are mirroring and activating the stories/history, qualities, patterns as well as pain, which have accumulated through the long history in landscape and have been often deeply imprinted in it also through us, the people.

If we are ready to open and recognize ourselves as the landscape’s mirror, we can find, perceive and see the very same within ourselves as well. In this way we get the chance to identify, transform, dissolve and heal our own histories, patterns, etc. And as we are inseparable part of landscape, we pass on the healing impulse to it and the Earth.

As each of us is the Earth’s cell, we carry the consciousness about the whole that we are part of in the same way as each cell of our body carries the information about the body as a whole. If we work with this one cell, nurse it and transform it, we do not have an impact only on this one cell, but join the process of the grater whole. As humanity we are like a mosaic, in which each of us is a single small stone. We are free to decide what we shall bring into the joint image. Each moment we decide, by ourselves, what kind of the Earth’s cell we wish to be.

At the very beginning of my research work, more then 16 years ago, I believed that it had all to do with the healing of the Earth and thus with the healing of landscape. Through intensive work, however, it became clear to me that it was all about the mirroring and healing of ourselves and, through the mirroring, about the healing of landscape at the same time. Now I finally understand that the landscape is in fact the best therapist. Although it can carry us most tenderly, it leads us very clearly and resolutely into the inner processes and accompanies us through them. It is actually a deep touch that enables us to open the door of the heart. And through this, healing is brought forth.